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Drawings Comes to Life

My name is Kristian Mensa and I’m a 17-year-old artist from the Czech Republic. Throughout the years, I’ve realized that simple everyday objects are … [Read More...]

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Landscapes by Bogusław Strempel

Bohuslav Strempel  live in Poland. He is specialized in the landscape photography. Most of his works make wonderful views of his native Czech Republic.

What Makes A Club Cool

When planning your night out, it is really important to choose where you are going to party the night away. It is a big decision – a great night out lasts till the sun comes up and it is only going to happen if all of the elements of a fantastic night out come together. […]

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The Border of Risk

Texas’ unique location on the border of Mexico puts the youngest citizens of Texas at a unique risk. Because vaccinations are not required in Mexico, … [Read More...]


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